How It Started

When Dave Hakkens camera broke and there was no means to fix it, he started thinking about how consumer electronics could be designed in a way that would make them easier to repair and easy to upgrade. In essence making consumer electronics longer lasting by ending planned obsolescence and at the same time reducing electronic waste. Believing modularity was the answer, and beginning with mobile phones, Phonebloks was born.

Our Mission

Phonebloks is an idea based on a vision as well as a growing movement. We’re an independent organisation helping the mobile phone industry steer development and production towards products that produce less electronic waste. Preferably using open source, open innovation and under a circular economy. We aim to show the industry, through our growing community, what the public wants and what the planet needs.


How We Will Achieve This

We at Phonebloks see ourselves as a means to promote an holistic approach to end or reduce the various ethical and environmental problems existing in the consumer electronics business today. We believe in transformation from a flat to a circular economy as well as steering towards new production methods and indeed new products. Logistic solutions and production materials will help us reach a more sensible industry. We see the result of this transformation being creating less waste and pollution as well as longer life-cycles and higher lever of recyclability (or even bio-degradability) for end products. We advocate transparency, open source and open innovation and want to be the hub where the industry talk and listen to each other and to the public.

The first, and perhaps biggest step for us, is to aid the existing industry in steering away from manufacturing products that are sold and repaired or replaced as whole-widgets to products that are modular. And in that, also easy to repair or upgrade without the need for whole widget replacement. This will increase the life-span of the product and at the same time reduce waste.



Phonebloks is a project by Dave Hakkens, we run more projects like this and try to do good by making things. For Phonebloks people from all over the world contribute with their expertise and knowhow. We also have a big community of people pushing the project forward.

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