Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Phonebloks?

Phonebloks is an idea for a modular mobile phone. A phone that is easy to repair, easy to upgrade and will help reduce electronic waste.

Who Made Phonebloks?

The original concept was designed by Dave Hakkens as part of his graduation project for Design Academy Eindhoven.

When Was Phonebloks Released?

Dave Hakkens started thinking about a modular mobile phone during late 2012, early 2013. On September 10, 2013 we released our first video, explaining the concept and our aims.

Where Is Phonebloks From?

Dave Hakkens, the man behind Phonebloks, is from and based in The Netherlands. There is a team of volunteers who are, besides The Netherlands, based in Sweden, Panama, Italy, Portugal and Belgium. Our community is global.

When Will Phonebloks Be Released (in my country)?

Short answer, never. Phonebloks is a movement, not a manufacturer. As such we’ll never release a product. Our aim is to aid the existing manufacturing industry with developing and producing modular products. Preferably using open source, open innovation and under a circular economy. Have a look on our development page to see the latest status.

Have Phonebloks Ever Crowdfunded?

No. Phonebloks has never been on Kickstarter, Indegogo or any of the crowdfunding sites out there. What we have done is a Thunderclap. A Thunderclap is when people donate their social reach instead of money, to help spread the word. Awesome. The original goal was to find 500 supporters but we ended up with over 979,000. We thereby reaching 381,823,577 people on the 29th of October 2013, when our Thunderclap went out. Read more about it here.

What is Project Ara?

Project Ara is Google’s version of a modular mobile phone. We are good friends with them, have a look the Project Ara website.

Did Google Buy Phonebloks?

No! We are 100% independent and we plan to keep it that way. We do support what Google are doing with Project Ara, showing the world a modular mobile phone is possible. We’re determined to help and support wherever we can.

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