Our journey is unplanned. We just go. Trying to make this idea happen, step by step.

It starts here, in 2012

Dave is looking for a way to reduce e-waste in the world.

The idea of a modular phone is born, thinking of ways how to make this a reality.

Phonebloks Goes Online

We go online to find a way  to make this idea a reality. A campaign to make it happen, gathering support and showing companies it’s doable.

Within days news of Phonebloks spread all over the world.

Our Thunderclap campaign launched. Over 979,253 supporters sent out our message though Twitter and Facebook saying they support Phonebloks, reaching over 380,000,000 people.

The Next Step

In order the push the project forward, we needed to connect with companies able to realize our idea. We found Motorola, owned by Google. They had all the resources to make it happen.

Phonebloks community goes online. The place to discuss, share and source feedback on all things Phonebloks.

A Phonebloks design model is bought by Boijmans and Moti Museum.

First Update Ara

First update video to introduce you guys to Ara and the team behind it.

We announced a partnership with Sennheiser.

We won the social vote category at the Designs Of The Year Awards!

Phonebloks Turns 1 Year Old

In this video we recap our first year.

Project Ara Update

We made a video on the progress of Project Ara showing a prototype booting.

Sennheiser Video

Sennheiser published a video showcasing the importance of working closely with the Phonebloks community while developing prototype sound-modules.

Second Ara Conference

We went to the second Ara developers conference.

Phonebloks is chosen as a finalist for the Index Designs To Improve Life award.

Launched our new website where we are building an open database for modular development.

A big update on project Ara. The design got more cubical, phone less modular and developer-kit shipping soon.

Keep the vision alive

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