Hi, We Are Phonebloks!

We try to change the way how electronics are made in order to create less waste.

*Oh, and we love to make videos.

Our Suggestion

A phone that you can easily upgrade, repair and customize. A modular phone.

The Bigger Picture

We believe that all our electronics should be built like this, modular. With one universal platform for the whole world. For now though, we are focusing on the phone.

We Are Not Building It

There are other companies that are much better at this than us. We simply try to inspire and connect them.

Have a look


We believe in the power of the crowd. Therefore, we are trying to bring people together and start a movement to make this idea come to life!

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Latest news

when the f*ck is phonebloks ready

OK let’s start of with the main question we get: Is the modular phone FUCKING ready, it takes forever!!?? “Is the modular phone for sale? it’s…

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A free trip

Went to agbogbloshie, Africa to see what happens with our electronic waste Story Hopper

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New Community.

We love that you are here, seriously. We do our very best to connect the Internet army into our projects. It’s powerful, people from all over…

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Some thoughts on the project Ara delay

A few days ago project Ara said they are delayed.People got upset, look at our facebook/phonebloks. And well..people have a point. Google promised. But i’m…

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